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Photo of Brenda Brown Music
Contact: Brenda Brown
Home Hamilton Ontario Canada Website: Brenda Brown Music Website: Listen and Download Brenda\\\’s Music
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Photo of Bud Wilkinson
Music for Seniors Contact: Ron Wilkinson
Phone: 905-548-9242 Website: Bud Wilkinson
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Photo of Cootes Paradise
roots, blues, folk, funk, soul Contact: Lily Sazz
Phone: 905-730-5459 Website: Cootes Paradise
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Photo of Hamilton’s Bucket List
Bustin’ Rhythm & Blues Contact: John Staley
Phone: 905-389-2508 Website: Hamilton\’s Bucket List
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Photo of Imagine John
Genre – Rock Contact: Carm Castiglione
Phone: 905-570-5608 Website: Imagine John
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Photo of Jason Colavecchia
All Genres Contact: Jason Colavecchia
Phone: 905-928-3942
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Photo of Tom Altobelli
Jazz, Funk, Rock, Top 40 Contact: Tom Altobelli
Phone: 905-536-1895 Website: Tom Altobedlli
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