Libretto April 2012

Hamilton Musicians Guild
April 2012

President’s Report

Since taking office in January we have made some real progress in moving the Local forward. My first priority was getting the AFM’s approval for the membership drive/ amnesty program which waived the$106 initiation fees for both new and former members. This has resulted in 25 new members for the Local in just the first quarter. We hope to add more new members before the program expires at the end of June. This increased membership will greatly improve the Local’s economic future.

I’ve also initiated talks with HECFI towards the goal of forging an agreement between us. The last agreement lapsed for unknown reasons 12 years ago under Neil Murray’s leadership. This contract will reflect current realities with a view to a creative partnership with HECFI that will benefit both sides. The benefits of this agreement are twofold: first it will allow the Local to collect work dues from touring AFM/CFM acts using the HECFI facilities and it will also provide work for our members to augment touring acts in need of local support musicians. While we have reached an agreement in principle we are still in the process of fine tuning the document. We’ll keep everyone informed with further details in the near future.

Another important issue that we’ve delved into is the MPTF funding that the Local has been excluded from for over 7 years due to Neil Murray’s actions. The good news is that we’ve been given the green light to apply for funding thanks in large part to the new Vice President from Canada Alan Willaert and Marg Conway’s endorsement. This will provide more jobs for our members and will tie into our agreement with HECFI as part of a music education program aimed at kids.

Another great piece of news is that an anonymous donor has given the Local a cheque for $300 dollars which will be used to reactivate the Bob Pedler Memorial Fund. The gentleman in question wanted to help down on their luck musicians as a way of repaying musicians for all the enjoyment he’d gotten out of music over the years. The Board agreed to use the money to seed the Bob Pedler Memorial Fund which we will be raising funds for later this year.

The 10th Annual King Biscuit Boy Tribute -Blues With A Feeling will be held June 9th and June10th and the Local will once again be a sponsor. This annual show has raised thousands of dollars in scholarships for music program students at Mohawk College every year for a decade and the Local is proud to be playing a part in the development of budding musicians and contributing to the musical community in a tangible way. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that donations to the King Biscuit Boy Scholarships at Mohawk College made in the late Mary Begg’s name totaled $1000 at last count. Mary Begg was a pillar of the Local for many years and as many of you probably know was Director Janna Malseed’s mother. She believed very strongly in the value of musical education and her legacy lives on.

While we have accomplished much in just one quarter there is still a great deal to be done and with a committed Board we will accomplish more. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the next general meeting.

Fraternally yours, President Larry Feudo


Local 293 Amnesty Program

Spread the Word Hey, Brothers and Sisters. Here’s a money saving deal you will want to pass on to your friends. For a very limited time the Hamilton Musicians’ Guild is waiving our one time initiation fee. This applies to new members looking to turn pro and former members who have let their dues lapse to the point of being expelled. All they need pay is their annual dues ($150 per year – $37.50 per quarter) in order to be a part of one of Ontario’s longest standing musical communities.

Executive Board

The following members constitute the Executive Board for 2012/2013.

President Larry Feudo
1st Vice President Brent Malseed
2nd Vice President Steve Sobolewski
Marshall Lorne Lozinski
Sgt. at Arms Paul Panchezak
Directors (3) Janna Malseed John Balogh
Sec.-Treasurer John M. Pope
Emeritus Officers: Matt Kennedy Harry Waller


Secretary-Treasurer’s Report

I hope, brothers and sisters that you all enjoyed the winter that never was. One thing I can speak from experience about, the older you get, the heavier your equipment gets and not having to slug your gear through a foot of snow at two in the morning was a definite bonus. Our checking account currently stands at $20,866.53 while our savings account comes in at $1,362.23. The checking account number reflects greatly, the number of members who took advantage of the Guild’s dues discount this year. Our membership numbers are technically up for the start of the year and currently stand at 409. However, due to 136 suspensions, our true number comes in at 273 “members in good standing”. Please check the list at the rear of the Libretto for your status. On the positive side, from January 1st to the time of publication we have had 25 new members join the Guild with only four resignations. Also, as a way to stay “in the loop” a highly suggested course of action would be to sign on to the Guild’s website. Vice-President B. Malseed has done a terrific job at re-constructing the site and it continues to grow. All you have to do is e-mail the office requesting access. If you are in good standing you are given access, it’s that simple. On a final note, remember, as a service to our members, the SecretaryTreasurer does not close the office during the lunch hour. I’ve received quite a few calls asking this question. This concludes my report. See you at the meeting.

Cheers John Michael Pope


Congratulations to our new Life Members

The Hamilton Musicians’ Guild is looking to the future but we can’t ignore our illustrious past. We are proud to acknowledge two new “life members” (age 65 or older and forty or more years of Guild membership) – Don Simpson and Terry Basom.

Don is part of family heritage of keyboard players going back to his grandmother who provided musical accompaniment to silent movies in the early 20th century. An accordionist in his early years and a percussionist in high school, it is as pianist that he is most recognized in the Hamilton musical community. His high profile solo piano engagements include the Gallery of Distinction Awards and the civic luncheon for Princess Margaret. As an educator he taught music in the Hamilton school system for a number of years. His most extensive musical contributions have come in the field of musical theatre serving as musical director for, among others, Hamilton Theatre Inc., The Players’ Guild and, most recently Burlington’s Drury Lane where he has been a part of almost thirty productions.

Terry Basom is likewise familiar with musical stage productions. He has been a member of the pit orchestra for “Phantom of the Opera”, the Shaw Festival, Stratford Festival, Theatre Aquarius and many more. A native of Joplin, Missouri, Terry is a freelance clarinetist, saxophonist and flautist. His musical versatility has allowed him to move comfortably from classical to popular music and jazz. His work with symphonic orchestras including the Hamilton Philharmonic, the Buffalo Philharmonic and Symphony Niagara is countered by opportunities to back world famous names like Tony Bennett, Boz Scaggs, Aretha Franklin, Tom Jones, Manhattan Transfer and Celine Dion to name just a few. Finally Terry has also enjoyed a long and rewarding career as a music educator. Degrees in Music Education from Pittsburg State University and North Texas State University led to the Faculty of Music at Mohawk College where he has taught since 1978.

Local 293 is proud to include talented musicians such as Don and Terry among the Guild’s “Life members”.

We would also like to acknowledge all of our life members! Geoffrey Brooker, Robert Devey, Russell Fearon, Al Ippolito, Matt Kennedy, Ralph Lefevre, David Linfoot, Maggie Mac Donald, Glen Mallory, Joseph McGarr, Natalie Mysko, James Nelles, Steven Pettes, William Reid, Don Simpson and Rudy Wasylenky. Inactive life: Harry Alyward, Harry Waller.

Welcome New Members

Steve Fergusson, Richard Hill, John Morris, Andrew Mactaggart, Jessi Elgersma, Dave Bidini, Stefan Kitai, Mark Volkov, Sydney Read, Mark Zinger, Glen Brown, Brenda Brown, Austin Garrick, Bronwyn Griffin, Richard Franzen, Jans Madsen, Amran Hassan, Meghan Dolovich, Timothy Henneberry, Themistoklis Boutzouvis, Edward Cromwell, John Ingles, Paul Husiak and Ron Camilleri


Local 293 Streetbeats

It’s no secret that when it comes to the blues in Canada, Hamilton is a hot bed. As always Local 293 members lead the way. Harrison Kennedy has been part of the city’s musical elite for decades now. Beginning in the 1960’s he established himself as a soul performer with an international reputation. More recently he has built a whole new career by getting back in touch with his blues roots. His latest CD “Shame the Devil” has garnered his fourth Juno nomination in the Blues category in less than ten years. Quite an accomplishment. While on the subject of award winners, congratulations are in order for Hamilton keyboard wizard Jesse O’Brien. He is a winner of an International Songwriting Award in the Blues department for “Daddy’s Little Girl” a co-write withJohnny Max of the Johnny Max band. One of the Local’s busiest members Jesse is also a part of the star studded “Who Cares” project, a group of world famous musicians including Deep Purple’s Ian Gilliam and Jon Lord and Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi . The single “Holy Water”, which includes Jesse’s keyboard talents, is raising funds for the rebuilding of a music school in Gyumri, Armenia. Another great example of music with roots in Local 293 achieving world wide recognition. Finally thanks to the anonymous donor who made a generous $300 contribution to the Bob Pedler Memorial Fund. The Bob Pedler Memorial Fund aids members of the local who have become temporarily or permanently disabled. It works in conjunction with the Lester Petrillo Memorial Trust Fund of the A.F.of M. Although the donor wishes to remain anonymous we know his generosity will not go unrewarded. If you have information you would like have included in Local 293 Streetbeats, please contact the Guild Office.


Suspended Members

J. Abraham, J. Adams, M. Anderson, D. Anderson-Iovacchini, J. Armstrong, P.J. Arthurs, T. Ball, D. Battah, E. Bazinet, M. Beaver, J. Bebbington, G. Behr, B. Bell, T. Bigas, K. Bilan, A. Boros, G. Breen, D. Broadbent, L. Brownell, S. Brush, A. Bryan, R. Buckley, R. Cahute, M. Caputo, C. Chamberland, C. Chesebrough, C. Consentino, C. Cripps, A. Curran, C. Cvetkovic, N. Czarnogorski, D. Dalgleish, J. Doreen, G. Doyle, L. Elbeck, D. Fairbairn, B. Farruga, R. Fearson, E. Fusilier, C. Gale, D. Goldman, A. Griffiths, R. Griffiths, A. Gunn, B. Hachmann, L. Helmer, C. Hixenbaugh, G. Hlibka, J. Hryhorsky, J. Ingham, M. Jamieson, L. Jones, R. Juntilla, Z. Kalman, A. Karcza Jr., A. Kassai, H. Kennedy, T. Kipfer, A. Koper, M. LaForme, C. Lancaster, D. Lanois, C. Leakey, B. LeBlanc, C. LeMaster, G. Lichach, K. Lindsay, D. Linfoot, J. Linstead, A. Lozinski, E. Lozinski, M. Lozinski, S. Lozinski, K. Lysiak, S. Matheson, M. McCarroll, L. McGuirl, K. McKeown, A. McLeod, D. Meadows, J. Menniti, A. Mercer, M. Michalak, D. Milanovic, D. Miller, M. Moffitt, C. Moncur, D.J. Moons, B. Murphy, S. Negus, J.W. Nelan, T. Patterson, D. Pearson, S. Perez, B. Petriczko, J. Picard, S. Pierre, E. Poole, E. Porthouse, A. Re, C. Ridgeway, P. Roussel, M. Russom, P. Savoy, L. Skurdelis, S. Smith, J. Staley, D. Stevens, T. St. Louis, M. Tobin, V. Tryon, J. Brba, A. White, Adam White, S. Whittington, R. Wilkinson, T. Wilson, R. Wiserman, R. Wolanski, L. Woods, M. Wysocki, B. Zamora.

Expelled Members

Gregory Brisco, Peter Lambert, Liz Rodrigues, Nathan Scott, Marguerite Szabo, Lorie Wolfe

The Hamilton Musicians’ Guild
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Phone 905-525-4040