Libretto April 2014

Hamilton Musicians Guild
LIBRETTO April 2014

President’s Report

As many of you already know Opera Hamilton has ceased operation this past December.

As a result of this some 32 musicians are owed a total of $20,000 in performance fees. After meeting with contractor Jon Peterson to familiarize ourselves with the details of this debacle we decided to call in Mark Tetreault, head of CFM’s symphonic services to help find a solution.

It became apparent very quickly that Opera Hamilton was not being forthright or communicating in good faith. After many broken promises and excuses why the funds were not being paid out it was decided to pursue legal action. Once the IEB approved this course of action, steps were taken to find a legal solution. Articles and letters from us appeared in the Spectator outlining our grievance with Opera Hamilton. We met with the mayor and his staff to get a dialogue going and this process is ongoing. We feel confident that this matter will not be swept under the rug and we will have taken every measure possible to rectify this problem.

On a more positive note in February Local 293 with the CFM’s Anya Craig set up a booth at The Golden Horseshoe Music Fest. This yearly competition has high school students competing for awards in various categories including Best Jazz Ensemble and Best Concert Band which were awarded by Local 293. Ron Palangio spearheaded the committee from Local 293 which included Paul Panchezak, Reg Denis, Brent Malseed and me. We all spent time manning the booth with Anya Craig, talking to students and faculty alike about the CFM and it’s role in a musicians’ life. Our participation in this event generated some real positive feedback for us and was well worth the time and effort.
Speaking of Mohawk College, once again the annual Tribute to King Biscuit Boy takes place June 7th at Leander Boat Club (Bay City Music Hall) and the Blues Cruise June 8th at Pier 4. Proceeds go to funding music scholarships at Mohawk College. Local 293 will once again donate to this worthy cause.

Lastly, one of this Board’s main objectives is to establish greater ties with the arts organizations and labour groups in Hamilton. We have had talks with Theatre Aquarius and the City’s Music Initiative Committee. We have reached out for inclusion in the JUNO committee which will be steering JUNO events in Hamilton next year. We feel we have much to contribute in helping to give the union’s perspective for the JUNO Awards. We will also be approaching IATSE and EQUITY to foster common goals and share information that will be mutually beneficial. All of these efforts go to representing our members in the best possible way.

Yours in solidarity,
Larry Feudo


Secretary-Treasurer’s Report

Well, it sure has been a most brutal and long winter and I am sure that we are all elated to finally see spring arrive. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all members who were elected or acclaimed to positions on the Executive Board to serve the membership of Local 293 for a two year term of office for 2014/2015. All positions on the Executive Board were up for election except that of the Secretary-Treasurer, as this position is elected for a three year term and will not be up for election until the fall of 2015. It was encouraging to see the membership confidence in Larry Feudo by acclaiming him as President for a second term. Larry is working diligently to move this local in the right direction to provide better service to the membership.

I would also like to extend a special welcome to Ron Palangio who is a first time member to the Executive Board. Ron is a graduate of the Mohawk College’s Applied Music Program and continued his studies at university where he earned a Bachelor of Music from McMaster and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto. Ron currently teaches music and is Head of Arts at Cardinal Newman Secondary School. Ron has been a member of the Hamilton Musicians’ Guild for many years and his knowledge of the music industry and music education will be a great asset to the Executive Board of the Hamilton Musicians’ Guild.

We are very grateful to the number of members who are now receiving the Libretto digitally (approximately 80% of the membership). This initiative is saving the local significantly in printing and postage costs, especially now with the recent government increase in the cost of postage stamps. An electronic copy can be viewed from our website in full colour on a computer, iPad, iPhone or other electronic devices. If you received this issue of the Libretto in the mail, and you have an email account, please inform the office of your email address.

As our membership continues to increase, the workload in the office is getting busier and busier. Since the New Year, we have been diligently working to rectify the situation of 32 musicians who have not been completely paid for their performance in Opera Hamilton’s production of Falstaff last October. We are very grateful to the Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM) in their help and support to get this situation rectified and especially to Mark Tetreault, Director of Symphonic Services. We are also gearing up for negotiations for a new Collective Agreement between the Hamilton Musicians’ Guild and the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (HPO) which will begin in May, 2014. In August of 2014, President Feudo and I will be attending as delegates to the Canadian Conference of Musicians in Ottawa to meet with delegates from the other 25 AFM Locals representing musicians from every geographical region in Canada to discuss, share ideas and act upon issues that ultimately affects the lives of all professional Canadian musicians. AFM President Ray Hair and AFM Vice-President from Canada, Alan Willaert, will be at the conference along with some office staff from the CFM. As many of you already know, the JUNO’s will be held in Hamilton next year and we are all looking forward to this event for our members and other musicians from across Canada.

The Golden Horseshoe Music Fest that was held at Mohawk College in February was a great success. I would like to thank the Canadian Federation of Musicians for their support and participation with this years event. Anya Craig, CFM Membership Services Administrator, attended the three day event and was instrumental in helping our Executive Board promote the Local and the AFM to young musicians. Please see Ron Palangio’s report on page 10.

Please note that Life Member Harold Namaro is now a resident of the Village of Wentworth Heights (a long term care facility) located at 1620 Upper Wentworth Street in Hamilton. He is in the Rymal Neighbourhood in room 230 and would love to have visitors. Not only did Harold have his own band in the Hamilton area for years, you might also remember that Harold was in the movie “Three Men and A Baby”.

Yours in Solidarity,

Brent Malseed


Executive Board — Local 293 CFM

President Larry Feudo
1st Vice President Reg Denis
2nd Vice President Steve Sobolewski
Secretary-Treasurer Brent Malseed
Marshall Lorne Lozinski
Sergeant at Arms Paul Panchezak
Director Janna Malseed
Director John Balogh
Director Ron Palangio

Emeritus Officers:

Matt Kennedy, Harry Waller

CFM Musical Equipment & Liability Insurance Program Enhanced

I am pleased to have the opportunity to provide the Canadian members of the AFM/ CFM with direct information on one of the best, on going benefits of belonging to the AFM/ CFM. The Canadian National office approached our company over 30 years ago to establish an insurance program for their members. This program is very unique in that it has stayed with the same insurance company and same insurance brokerage (although they have been purchased or had name changes ) during all these years. This is why it has been such a consistent product with only 1 change in rates in over 20 years. However, it was time to see if we could improve the product without risking the integrity of the rate stability, superior claims service and the ability of the carrier to deal with those “ exceptions” that the members require from time to time. Before I highlight the enhancements to the current product, I thought I should review the benefits of the current policy. We hope you are as excited about the changes to the policy as we are. The two new enhanced changes are a direct result of input from the Canadian National Office and the Canadian Conference of Musicians Executive Board. They are a great add on to the policy as they provide income that otherwise you could be out. I encourage all of the members to let Sandra Sween, your local, the CFM National Office or myself know your thoughts on the changes.

Sincerely, Bob Burns, HUB International


by Paul Panchezak

The JUNO awards were held recently in Winnipeg and once again Hamilton artists were well represented. A highlight of this year’s telecast was a live performance by acclaimed band Walk Off The Earth. Backed by the Red Robe Women’s Drum Society, a First Nation’s group from Winnipeg, the band performed a medley of their songs Red Hands and Gang of Rhythm. Walk Off The Earth was nominated for JUNOs in three categories. All five members – Sarah Blackwood, Ryan Marshall, Gianni Luminati, Mike Taylor and Joel Cassady – are Local 293 members. Another member of our local, Jeremy Widerman received a nomination in the Best Rock Album category as part of the popular act Monster Truck. Also glad to hear that JUNO nominee, Tom Wilson has returned to Local 293. Tom is one of the hardest working artists in Canada. Aside from his solo career, he has received international acclaim for his work with Blackie and the Rodeo Kings. At this year’s JUNO awards Tom’s other group LeE HARVeY OsMOND was nominated in the Best Roots Recording category.

We are proud to announce that another multiple award winner has returned to the Local 293 fold. Diana Panton is a leading figure on the Canadian jazz scene. She has received three JUNO nominations and seven Hamilton Music Awards among numerous other honours and awards. Recently Diana was announced as a Best Jazz Artist Nominee for the 2014 SiriusXM INDIE awards.

Another busy member of the local is multi talented musician and recording artist Dave King. He is so busy that he still hasn’t found the time to drop by and pick up his 25 year pin. Dave spends part of his time drumming for JUNO and Maple Blues Award winner Steve Strongman. In the last year the group appeared on the same bill with a number of blues legends including B.B. King and Johnny Winter. Dave has also just wrapped up work on his latest solo CD under the name The Heavy Dream. He was excited to travel to England to have the disc mastered at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London. We can’t wait to hear the result.

Finally a quick mention that Dave King’s brother Steve is back as an active player on the Hamilton scene. He recently joined the popular group Groove Corporation stepping into the guitar position vacated with the passing of Alex MacDougall.


General Membership Meeting
Monday, April 28, 2014
7:00 p.m.
The Admiral Inn
York and Dundurn Streets, Hamilton


The Golden Horseshoe Musicfest

Article by Ron Palangio, Executive Board Member

Redeemer College was home to 3000 student musicians as it hosted the 8th annual Golden Horseshoe Musicfest. Young musicians from middle and high schools as well as community groups had the opportunity to perform, receive workshops with professional adjudicators and listen to other groups. The GHMF is a regional music festival of Musicfest Canada which is the nation’s largest school music festival. Bands who participated at the Golden Horseshoe Musicfest were vying for an invitation to the National Festival in May, this year being held in Richmond British Columbia. Out of 90 Concert Bands, Orchestras and Jazz Bands participating, 40 groups were invited to the Nationals. Since its inception in 2006, the aim of the GHMF has been to celebrate, showcase and raise the standard of school music in the Golden Horseshoe. It has grown to become one of the finest regional festivals of Musicfest Canada with many bands from outside the region participating.

School music programs are constantly struggling and are often under threat of budget cuts. For the past decade issues like teen depression, bullying, dropout rates, falling literacy and numeracy levels have been at the forefront of the educational agenda. Despite a large body of evidence that indicates musical training benefits brain development, increases math and literacy levels, can serve as is a potent tool for preventing depression and anxiety, and actually keep kids in school, it is ironic that music classes are often the first subject on the chopping block.

School music programs have traditionally been the training ground for future professional musicians. I and I’m sure many of our members got their start in the school band. Not only do school programs produce musicians, their main product is a musically educated population and most importantly for us, an audience. It is important therefore to support and nurture music in our schools and help to ensure that they thrive. All professional musicians should be advocates for music education in our schools. This is why the CFM and local 293 decided to get involved with the GHMF. The national office set up an information booth (photo bellow) at the festival and Anya Craig with members of your executive manned it over the 3 days. It was a great experience for everyone, many participants from the festival as well as Mohawk College music students stopped by and chatted with our members. Applications for membership were handed out and many young musicians are now aware that the CFM exists. The local donated an award to recognize the best and most professional Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble. This year’s award went to the Woodlands Senior Concert Band from Mississauga and the Hillfield Strathallan Senior Jazz Band.

It is our hope that all those who participated will continue their love of music and that we will see you someday on stage or in the audience.

Congratulations to all our young musicians.

Ron Palangio
Local 293 Board of Directors
Regional Coordinator GHMF


Local 293 Presentations

This General Meeting will see a handful of members awarded 25 year pins and Life Memberships.

We encourage friends and colleagues to attend the General Membership Meeting on April 28 as a way of acknowledging the contribution of our Honourees’ to Hamilton music and congratulate them on their achievements.

Life Memberships

Michael Maguire
Peter Rihbany
Jon Peterson
Diane Merinuk
Mikhail Brat
Russ McAllister
Roger Flock
Valerie Tryon
Sonny Del Rio

25 Year Pins

Christopher Hunt
John Gora
John Bianchini
Catherine MacDonnell

Harry Waller: Local 293 Member and Band Leader

I wish to personally thank Matt Kennedy for sending me this bio on Harry Waller.
“Harry Waller came out of the Royal Canadian Air Force (R.C.A.F.) at the end of World War 2 and settled in Hamilton. He joined the Ron Wicken Orchestra at the Alexandra Ballroom on James Street South until 1950 when he and his brother Tom Waller left to join the Gav Morton Orchestra at the Brant Inn where Harry remained until Gav retired. Harry then took over the band and returned to the Brant Inn until it closed down. In the following years he headed the big band and a smaller six piece group playing various club dates, weddings etc. until he retired from the business in 2011. Harry also served for many years on the Executive Board of the Guild and attended an AFM convention as a local 293 delegate.”

Harry Waller is currently living at St. Peters Residence at Chedoke and I take time to drive out and visit Harry whenever possible on behalf of Local 293. He lets me wheel him down to attend some of the regular Thursday evening entertainment there. Once Harry is there, he thoroughly enjoys himself.

We all wish Harry the very best and sincerely thank him for his many years of sharing the wonderful music he has provided to so many generations of Hamilton area folks!
Please keep our Board members updated as to any other 293 senior members who may be in poor health or alone in their senior years. Music lifts their spirits a great deal as does the camaraderie of musical friends.

Our Board members will always try to step up and help whenever possible.


Reg Denis
1st Vice-President

A Class Act To The End

When Jay Leno retired from his hosting job at the Tonight Show he delivered a heartfelt and sentimental farewell. One acknowledgement in particular caught our ears. In thanking the many people on his staff he stated, “I’m proud to say this is a union show. I have never worked with more professional people in my life.” A tip of the Local 293 hat goes to Jay for standing up for unions and their contribution to quality of life and standard of living.

Richard Newell: His Name Lives On

Once again Local 293 is proud to contribute to the Richard Newell Scholarship in the Music Program at Mohawk College through sponsorship of the twelfth annual Blues With a Feeling Concert at The Bay City Music Hall (Leander Boat Club) on Saturday June 7. The concert is followed by a Blues Cruise on the Harbour Queen on Sunday June 8. Both events pay tribute to international blues legend, and Hamilton native, Richard Newell a.k.a. King Biscuit Boy. The concert will feature a number of Local 293 members including Lily Sazz whose funk horn band Groove Corporation will be part of the Saturday show. Also on Saturday Local 293 bassist Neil Nickafor will be part of a group fronted by former Moxy guitarist and King Biscuit Boy band member Earl Johnson. Headlining the show is another Canadian blues legend Rita Chiarelli. The Blues Cruise will be hosted by Local 293 members Trickbag and will feature a number of special guest artists. For ticket info contact Rob at 905-512-1717.

Membership Matters: Welcome New Members

James Anthony
Corey Brouwer
Jay Burr
Timothy Crawford
David Davidson
Cindy Dell
Annelise Forbes
Craig Freeborn
Andrew Gilmore
Dylan Godfrey
Jessie Gold
James Hall
Brian Hogue
Burton Lavery
Tom Lewis
Andrew MacPhail
Liam McGlashon
Travis Miles
Jonathan O’Callaghan
Rich Oddie
Kevin Panko
Diana Panton
Terrance Pettit
Richard Roxborough
Samantha Rutherford
Mark Schroor
Ed Sculthorpe
Christina Sealey
Sonia Shkarov
Michael Short
Andreas Sparboom
Alexander Standen
Gary Whelan


Dennis (Sonny) Grasley
Darryl Fleming
Tammi Hensch
Don Kerr
Bruce Nicol
David Pell
Andrew Scott
Mate Szigeti
Tom Wilson


Kevin Bath
Tyler Baynton
Joel Blanken
Johathan Gerber
John Ingles
Todd Neilson
Jake Nicolle
Adam Payne
Andrew Roy
Sheryl Stacey-Neilson
Michael Stevenson
Michael Taylor


Jordan Abraham
Steven Binder
Matt Bourassa
Lance Elbeck
Julie Fader
Darren Harris
John Linstead
Michael C. Monson
John Morley
Sydney Read
Lester Smith
Bradley Toews
Graham Walsh
Stanley Windels
Greg Winiarz


Suhashini Arulanandam
George Behr
Luke Benthan
Tom Bigas
Neil Boshart
Caitlin Boyle
John Crawford
Aron D’Alesio
John Dauphinee
Fred Eaglesmith
Justine Fischer
Kyle Fisher
Matthew Fleming
Noah Fralick
Laurie Goldblatt
Dan Goldman
Eric Hall
Ted Hallas
Kelly Hamelin
Ken Hammond
Geoff Hlibka
Ruth Hoffman
Jonathan Ingham
Susan Barber Kahro
Brett Kocsis
Frank Koren
Kim Koren
Daniel Kurtz
Corey Lacey
Carter Lancaster
Keith McKeown
Sean McKeown
Dan Medakovic
Brian Melo
Melissa Messina
David Nardi
Johnathan Scott Paige
Keegan Powell
Alex Re
Trent Richer
Charles Ricottone
John Smith
Brandon Strychowsky
Michele Verheul
Robert Wiseman

Life Members

Harry Aylward
Terrence J. Ball
Terry Basom
Paul Benton
Mikhail Brat
Geoffrey Brooker
Robert Devey
Roger Flock
Sonny Del Rio
Al Hirsch
Al Ippolito
Matt Kennedy
Ralph Lefevre
David Linfoot
Robert Lowe
Maggie MacDonald
Michael Maguire
Glenn Mallory

How to Resign in Good Standing

Moving out of the region? Got a great job somewhere else? Taking a break from the music scene? We are sorry to lose you, but before you leave, please send us a letter or an email to let us know when you’ll be ending your membership in Local 293. This will prevent any additional fees for both you and the Local. We can also help you transition into another Local if you are moving.

NOTE: if you have any questions about your membership status, please contact the office