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Mohawk College Music Career Day – May 1, 2018

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MCD Video by Mohawk Student Joshua McGurk


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 Words from Glenn Mallory (February 6, 1931 – May 17, 2017)

“The word “amateur” is often associated with the person who shows up late for the gig and then plays the wrong notes out of tune.   Actually, “amateur” is derived from the Latin, “amare”, which means “to love”.   So an amateur is really one who truly loves what he does.

Similarly, the word “professional” is often misused.  Professionalism is not a contract, a pay cheque, or a union card, although all are a part of it. Professionalism is a state of mind in which one strives constantly to achieve one’s very best, and having come close, raises the goal yet again. 

The best musician, therefore, is the amateur-professional/professional-amateur.

Anything less just isn’t good enough.”

Dr. Glenn Mallory, Life Member Local 293 AFM




 Musical Instruments on Airlines – February 2018

Through the lobbying efforts of the CFM, Bill C-49: The Transportation Modernization Act contains language mandating ALL Canadian airlines to implement a fair policy for musicians flying with their instruments.  The Bill has been passed through the House and is now before Senate. Once passed by Senate, we hope it will align Canadian regulations with those the already in place in the United States.

We anticipate this Bill to move quickly and receive Royal Ascent by this summer.  Thereafter, Transport Canada will be tasked with establishing the regulations, a process we expect will take most of the rest of the year.  We have already held discussions with Transport Canada to ensure CFM is involved in the regulatory process. If all goes according to plan, we might see Canadian airlines implementing musical instrument friendly policy by early 2019.

CATSA has prepared the attached informational pamphlets with regard to the security screening process. If you are concerned about taking instruments through security, the best suggestion is to ask for a private screening room. The security process will take longer, but, musicians with fragile instruments will be closer during the search process which might alleviate some anxiety of the searching of fragile musical instruments.

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